Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Reading Author Title Directors Programme Qualification
23/02/2017 Salazar González, Fernando A machine learning based methodology for anomaly detection in dam behaviour Toledo, Miguel Ángel. Oñate, Eugenio Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
24/02/2017 Caicedo Silva, Manuel Alejandro Computational Multiscale Modeling of Fracture Problems and its Model Order Reduction Oliver, Javier. Huespe, Alfredo E. Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
11/05/2017 Benedetti, Lorenzo Mixed Finite Element Formulations for Strain Localization and Failure in Plasticity Cervera, Miguel. Chiumenti, Michele Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
26/05/2017 Ferrer, Àlex Multi-Scale Topological Design of Structural Materials: An Integrated Approach Oliver, Xavier. Cante, Juan Carlos. Structural Analysis Excellent Cum Laude
31/05/2017 González Blanco, Laura Gas Migration in Deep Argillaceous Formations: Boom Clay and Indurated Clays Romero, Enrique Geotechnical Engineering Excellent Cum Laude
09/06/2017 Alfarah, Bashar Advanced Computationally Efficient Modeling of RC Structures Nonlinear Cyclic Behavior López Almansa, Francisco
Oller Martínez, Sergio Horacio
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Excellent Cum Laude