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Initiation course of Iber

This course was designed by the developers of the software Iber for English speaker. The course starts with a basic introduction to the theory of two-dimensional shallow water models for the calculation of free surface flows, focusing on its application to flood inundation studies. The capabilities of the model are explained through several practical exercises which include open channel flow, river inundation modelling and tidal flow


From 11 March to 17 May (2024)


100 hours


100 % online


  • Iber capabilties
  • Basic concepts of 2D shallow water models
  • Developing 2D hydraulic models with Iber
  • Analysis and post-processing of the results
  • Introduction to some advanced modules of Iber

Course structure

  • Chapter 1: Presentation of the model
  • Chapter 2. Introduction
  • Chapter 3. Preprocess interface
  • Chapter 4. Postprocess interface
  • Chapter 5. Numerical Schemes and calculation
  • Chapter 6. Creation of terrain-based geometries from georeferenced information
  • Chapter 7. Turbulence
  • Chapter 8. Additional modules
  • Chapter 9. Study cases




Reduced *

New students

300 euros

250 euros

The total cost of the course must be paid enterly. Bank commission (send/receive) and currency exchange will be charged to student/company.

(*) The reduced cost is applied to accredited persons who are:
  • Residents in Upper-Middle-Income economies, Lower-Middle-Income economies and Low-Income according to World Bank List of Economies (ID or equivalent)
  • Unemployed (DARDE document or equivalent)
  • Graduate, master or PhD students (current tuition certificate)
  • Civil servants belonging to national Water Agencies (civil servant ID or equivalent)