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Mustafa Salim Al-Rashidi
05/09/2019 21:08:00
Background image
Dear sir
I want to simulate the dam break. I read in the tutorial of IBER the requirements for simulating are Digital Terrain Model, which has a 5x5 m cell size resolution (DTM.txt) and includes the dam  and a background images (maps of the study area, Map.jpg and Map.jgw). 
When I want to make the Map.jpg as background image from (View>>Background Image>>Real size) after choosing the image, the image is not appear in the window. The field above the command field there is a phrase "'C:/Users/musta/OneDrive/Desktop/Mosul city 1.jpg' will be used as Background Image. Image georeferentiated.".
What is the problem and how I can view the image.

Thank you

 Background image   Mustafa Salim Al-Rashidi 05/09/2019 21:08
         RE: Background image   Marcos Sanz Ramos 06/09/2019 08:08