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Ratsaramody Justin
11/01/2022 06:53:00
Hello everyone !
I am a new user of Iber and I am using version 3.1. I am trying to follow the street intersection tutorial in the User Application Guide but I can't generate the mesh. With a size of 0.1 m, I get only 28 quadrilateral elements (instead of 2115) and 47 nodes (instead of 2272) even though I think I followed all the instructions correctly. Can anyone help me identify the problem? Thanks in advance.

 Meshing   Ratsaramody Justin 11/01/2022 06:53
         Meshing   Marcos Sanz Ramos 07/02/2022 08:44
         Meshing   Demeter Rangel Burge 30/06/2022 03:22