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DEM txt file

Enyo Catangui
25/07/2022 18:14:00
DEM txt file
Hello, I've created a model and can run the analysis but it's wrong and its to do with my DEM txt file. I'm using data in the UK and using data from 'Defra Survey Data', OS Terrain 50 and even tried using QGIS and convert the files into .txt. The examples from Iberaula provide the DEM.txt and it works and when I import it into IBERAULA but when I import my DEM.txt it doesn't come up. Any suggestions please? 

 DEM txt file   Enyo Catangui 25/07/2022 18:14
         DEM txt file   Marcos Sanz Ramos 29/07/2022 09:20
             DEM txt file   Enyo Catangui 29/07/2022 11:13
         DTM 1x1   antonio mottese 27/11/2023 12:05
             DTM 1x1   Gonzalo García-Alén 27/11/2023 12:54
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